Address Formats For WooCommerce plugin

Overview #

The WooCommerce Address Formats plugin allows you to set different address formats for different countries. The billing and shipping addresses for the Admin orders page can be managed through it.

The plugin also allows you to display/hide the base country.

By letting admins see only the desired address details and arranging that detail by a particular order (country-wise), it will help your eCommerce business’s backend teams handle orders faster and more efficiently.

To summarize, the Address Formats help you make your WooCommerce store smarter and more personalized.

How to Enable the Address Format Plugin for WooCommerce? #

To enable and use the WooCommerce Address Formats plugin, you should first download and install Booster for WooCommerce.

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Booster > Plugins and go to the SHIPPING & ORDERS category.
  2. In the Address Formats section, select the Enable option.
  3. Click Save Changes.

The WooCommerce Address Formats plugin will be enabled for your site.

Configuring Address Formats in WooCommerce #

Force Base Country Display #

You can set different address formats for different countries and display/hide the base country.

If you want to force the display of the base country, check the box for the Force Base Country Display field.

Address Formats by Country #

If you want to display different address formats for different countries on the Order details page, switch your focus to the Address Formats by Country.

This section has an address format input field per country.

  • Scroll down to the country for which you want to edit the Address Format.
  • Edit the sequence or format as you prefer.
  • Save changes.

The address format will be configured.

Demo #

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