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  • [email protected]

    Best plugin for Woocommerce, add lot of great options and the support is amazing. Once I needed something to be added and it was added for the plugin very fast
  • Shannon Wilcox

    So many features at a good price! This one plugin adds loads of features that would normally require multiple plugins. Plus it’s easy to setup.
  • Administrivia (@gftservices)

    Amazing resource – replace the many with one! Simply amazing resource to have on hand, so many functions that replace so many different plugins… and with a simply tick box, they just work. I use this on EVERY woocommerce site I build.
  • KoolPal

    Super Fantastic Plugin and Super Fantastic Support! Anyone using Woocommerce should install this plugin next! I have purchased the Lifetime license and it is worth every cent and more! I had a small issue with Checkout Customization module which lead to some additional customization due another critical plugin that I needed to use. Booster Support was fantastic in QUICKLY fixing the issue as well as QUICKLY implementing the changes required to support the additional plugin that I use! All this while we are working in different time zones! Kudos to Booster Dev Team and their Support Team! They deserve 10 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Francesco Tosi

    Time saver!
  • Espace66

    Amazing plugin. Every once in a while you stumble upon an indispensable tool, and this is certainly one! It's a nifty - large! - set of tools that maybe should be part of Woo itself but isn't, and I'm very glad someone rose to the challenge to fix this. For almost every part of Woo there are enhancements, I saw one or two requests for tools being built, and the support is good. Since I discovered The Booster, I literally used it on every WooCommerce site I've made so far. Spend the bucks, it's well worth it!
  • Nick Svartengren

    Great plug-in that seriously cuts down on the need for an array of other plug-ins. The support when needed was fast and to the point. Highly recommended.
  • Daniel Sabjan

    Great plugin for Woocommerce.
  • Steven Deroo

    The plugin didn't support a function that I really wished for. Though with really great support it eventually worked the way I wanted to. Thanks!
  • Christoph Rösinger

    Best Support from Kris. Great Work!
  • Peter

    We have been using the plugin for quite some time now, in the Booster Plus version. It's become an quintessential part of all our e-commerce websites. Works out of the box, even though it has an incredible range of customisable features. As with something as complex as the ever evolving WP and Woocommerce environment, sometimes things go bump. That's the moment the stellar Booster support team kicks in. With fast, in-depth replies. And what's even better: solutions. Would give 6 stars if that were possible
  • kugar33

    A must have plugin for Woocommerce I have developed many different eshops. The only Woocommerce plugin I always use is this one. I have bought the pro and after two years I still keep finding hidden functionality. It covers the functionality of many plugins and the price is really too low for such multi-tool. Their support, is top of the top. Each time I needed help, they were here to solve my problems even with more code. Although I don’t write reviews, this is an exception because they totally deserve it. I totally recommend it!!!
  • creativemac

    THIS PLUGIN ROCKS!!!! Outstanding plugin – gives you access to edit and add just about any functionality to woo commerce – LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it (I have the pro version by the way)
  • laughingbuddha

    This plugin massively reduces the number of other plugins you will need to customise your WooCommerce store. There are so many features it does the work of dozens of other plugins and may even save you from some expensive custom developments. I highly recommend it, it's the first plugin I install for all WooCommerce stores.
  • Patrick Horemans

    if you need custom changes on your Woocommerce website is this a must have! many modules, good support and quick respond on any questions and best of all, it does not slowdown anything! i Have buy the premium plugin and this is more better!! Thanks guys, keep the good work like this in the future!
  • Cris

    I can now say, there support is now improved! I left a review way back March 2020 before like 1 star, their email support really sucks, but now, their support was really outstanding and they resolve the issue by modifying the plugin codes on the SPOT! They have now knowledgeable and expert staffs already, I believe since they changed the management from last month I guess? this is the plugin that can fill the gaps of woocommerce now. Nice work booster!
  • Sebastian Fell

    I never leave reviews, but this is a must for WooCommerce sites. It needs a bit of work, but you can do almost anything you want with all the modules it has. And the support is great, they solve me a big problem I was having in less than 8 hours answering every email in less than 1 hour (and sometimes almost immediately).
  • intechritysupport

    Quick response. Very satisfied. Thank you!
  • Daniel

    Just found it and it’s EXCELLENT Really really good. Great, rich functionality. Very easy to configure
  • Edgar

    All in one woocommerce feature plugin This is what WooCommerce users are looking for. All in one function in just one plugin compared to many money-making useless plugin!
  • Mohammad Ghodrati

    Hi, is booster support dokan plugin?
  • Lukas

    Super plugin with many settings + friendly support. I can recommend. I am using for many websites. Thank you o lot!
  • twenty50cards

    Fantastic Support I recently had an issue with a minor bug in the plug in and the support team fixed it within 4 days (over a weekend) which I am hugely grateful for. Not to mention the fact that I am using a free version of the plug in so might not have expected such good support. Brilliant customer support for a really good plugin.
  • KevEd

    Essential plugin for any mid-to-high complexity store Booster is the SwissArmyKnife of store plugins, it does everything very well. I replaced six other plugins with the Booster suite and it made a very complicated store easy to manage. The support is also excellent, nothing is too much trouble and they’re very patient.
  • yssapalasi

    Awesome plugin and support! Easy to use, all in one Woocommerce add-ons, and very responsive support 🙂
  • bidiesman

    best addon you definitely need for your woocommerce ! this plugin is full of missing features from woocommerce. I can’t believe you can get a webshop running without this addon! On top of it, team is reactive and consider your request! Bravo !!
  • latherit01

    Great plugin, excellent support Fantastic plugin enabling a non technical woocommerce person to use powerful features. Had a small issue which support quickly rectified, now all running smoothly. Highly recommended.
  • vishalsanghi

    Awesome plugin and excellent support Simply great they have very good support and go out of the way to support customers. Keep it up…
  • stewarthowell

    A mature and highly capable plug-in
  • docakp

    Brilliant support Brilliant plug in package Very useful and essential plug ins and world class support!
  • Emporio3

    Awesome support
  • Matthew

    Very helpful and prompt support. Many thanks Booster.
  • drew

    The best add on plugin for a Woo Commerce site. You would pay hundreds of dollars for the capabilities and features this plugin has.
  • con19m31

    I have installed and used many WordPress plugins across the websites I've built, and Booster For WooCommerce is easily the number one plugin that I have used. It is packed with extremely useful features that add tremendous value to basic WooCommerce. I bought the lifetime membership for the Plus version because I was so happy with the product. Equally important is the level of support provided by the developer. I submitted two questions about features soon after using it, and in both cases was thrilled to receive an email back with a development build that contained the feature I was asking about. This is an unparalleled level of customer support, and for the first feature request, I was using the free version. Amazing. For anyone using WooCommerce, Booster For WooCommerce is a must have plugin. Lawrence M
  • Cody

    Sales and support teams are extremely helpful. Booster gives me all the options and tweaks for WooCommerce, that used to take me multiple plugins and code modifications, in one single package.
  • James

    This is really an exceptional plugin ... If you have a WooCommerce store, get this plugin first ... you may save yourself a lot of money in other plugins later.
  • changmicro

    hi bookings in booster for woocommerce plugin What's the difference with woocommerce bookings plugin (https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-bookings/)?
  • Yee Fong

    Hi, May I know if I buy the single site license now, can I upgrade to unlimited sites next time when I create an additional site please? Thanks.
  • jonny

    Great plugin which has allowed us to remove lots of other plugins, cutting down on the number of conflicts. Very happy with the purchase. Jonny https://vapourdepot.com
  • Ian

    This is a must have plugin for any woo commerce developer, great value and does not slow down sites.
  • Alkis Spiliopoulos

    I cant recommend this plugin enough!!!! It is a real life saver and complements woocommerce in so many ways!! Congrats to the devs!!!
  • Marcel

    Really extensive plugin for a really cheap price! Love the custom e-mails and custom document templates!
  • Bogdan

    For the moment i use the free version.. and thanks! In future i'm looking to buy the pro version!
  • Vy

    Very useful. Makes Woo so much easier and productive. I think Woo should buy Booster to make it all seamless, no disrespect to either product owners 🙂
  • Marco

    Absolutely fantastic support from Tom, thank you.
  • Vadim

    Fantastic plugin, fantastic job, fantastic team
  • Claes

  • Mohammad Ahmad

    Excellent Plugin
  • Rashmi

    Great plugin .Package of a number of solutions. Well done !!
  • Wanjiru Naisenya Kimani

    Excellent!!! After spending weeks looking for a currency addition plugin, I found woo-commerce jetpack. Thank you so much!! Bless!
  • Melania

    Excellent collection of plugins, bring your WooCommerce to a super PRO level... awesome! Nice work!!
  • Karl

    Excellent service from Tom. I found a couple of small bugs as well as requesting a couple of tweaked features. Tom responded quickly with patches that addressed both the bugs and feature requests. kh
  • FA

    Bra joobat
  • Augusto

    added 5 payment gateways with this plugin...
  • Mek

    Very easy to install and set up.
  • John Mengate

    Five Stars!!! Lots of futures, easy to use, great customer support team...
  • AlexTheGreat

    Bought it just for price labels feature, but found much more! Keep up the good work guys!
  • Chen

    Great customer service!
  • GlobalAffects

    THIS IS SUCH A BARGAIN right now - $14 for this plugin is insane! no payment or comp regarding my statements - it's a great tool
  • GlobalAffects

    nicely done - a HUGE ASSET TO MY WOOCOMMERCE TOOL KIT - especially for "non-coder" woocommerce shop cart designers! OMG - it's an awesome tool to customize the price on the product page, along with the product "category" and archive pages - fantastic - and a BARGAIN right now - buy it (buy 2!)
  • just

    Good job!
  • Sam

    Excellent quality for such fair price!

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