Product Extra Fees For WooCommerce plugin

Overview #

The WooCommerce Product Extra Fees Plugin lets you add extra fees for various conditions related to products, product categories, user roles, cart total, cart quantity, and taxes in the store.

Extra fees can be fixed-rate or percentile-based. All your extra fees in the WooCommerce store can have different conditions, and your store can have various such extra fees.

These fees can be configured whenever you want to charge additional costs from your buyers from various services, facilities, or products/items. For example – Gift wrapping services, priority delivery, product customization, essential add-ons, certain types of taxes, shipping, additional packaging services, international shipping, payment gateway commission, and so on.

Note: If you want to enable extra fees for selectable or input type (e.g., customer notes) addons instead of cart-related extra fees, go for the Product Addons Plugin for WooCommerce instead.

Benefits of Enabling Product Extra Fees

  1. Extra income
  2. Higher level of customer satisfaction through essential extra services
  3. Not overburdening the store with the expenses that must be paid by your buyers
  4. Better services
  5. Different Extra fees for different store needs – for a higher level of customization

Features of WooCommerce Product Fees Plugin:

  • Create multiple product extra fees with different conditions for each;
  • Enable fixed-price and/or percentage-based extra fees;
  • Apply extra fees on one or a few products;
  • Exclude one or a few products from extra fees;
  • Create extra fees for one or a few categories only;
  • Exclude one or a few product categories from extra fees;
  • Make your extra fees taxable or non-taxable;
  • Apply extra fees as per cart (minimum and maximum) quantity-related conditions;
  • Apply extra fees on the basis of cart (minimum and maximum) total;
  • Apply extra fees on one or a few WooCommerce tags;
  • Exclude one or a few WooCommerce tags from extra fees;
  • Set different extra fee prices and conditions for different user roles.

How to Install WooCommerce Product Extra Fees Plugin? #

The plugin installation prerequisite is that you must have the Booster for WooCommerce installed in your online store. Use the above link to download, install, and activate it in case you are yet to do so. Afterward, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress website’s administration dashboard.
  2. Go to Booster Plugins PRODUCTS page.
  3. Go to the Product Extra Fees plugin and check the Enable option.
  4. Click on the Save Changes button.

How to Create Multiple Product Extra Fees in Your Store? #

By default, the Product Extra Fees plugin lets you create 1 extra fee condition for your store. To change this setting:

  1. Go to the Fees section in Booster > PRODUCTS > Product Extra Fees page.

2. Change the value of the Total Fees field to your desired value, i.e. the number of extra fee conditions that you want to enable in your store using this plugin.

3. Click on the Save Changes button. It will add more options in your plugin dashboard to let you enter details about multiple product extra fees.

How do I enable Various Conditions for my Product Extra Fees in the Store? #

For each of your Product Extra Fees, you will see numbered sections with titles, like “Fee #1”, “Fee #2”, and so on. All these sections can enable diverse product extra fees with different scopes in your store.

See how you can specify details for one such Extra Fee condition-group section:

  1. To apply an Extra Fee in your store, select Enable. Deselect this option when you want to disable this fee.
  2. Enter the Title for this extra fee. Make sure to keep it sensible and unique so that you (and your buyers) can distinguish between your multiple extra fees in store.
  3. Set a Value of your extra fee. Here, this value is the cost applicable to the cart when this option is enabled.
  4. Choose the Type for the value you have entered.
    1. If you select the type as Fixed where your store currency is “$” and the value is 5, the extra fee applicable to your store through this Extra Fee section will be $5.
    2.  If you the type to be Percent and the value entered in the previous field is “7.5”, your buyer will need to pay a 7.5% extra fee on cart value when this fee is applicable to him.
  5. Select Enable when you want to make this fee taxable.

Next, you need to specify the criteria for when your buyer must pay this extra fee. For this, the plugin provides you with various input fields.

6. The default value for the Cart Minimum Quantity is 1, implying that the cart must not be empty. If required, change this minimal condition as      desired. For example, if the value is set to 4, your buyer will pay an extra fee only when his cart has 4 or more products.

7. Set a Cart Maximum Quantity if required.

8. By default, this extra fee will work for any cart total, to change this setting, you must enter the values for Cart Minimum Total and/or Cart Maximum Total.

9. To Include or Exclude products, product categories, and/or tags from this Extra Fee, type the respective details and select the options in these fields.

10. If you want to apply this Product Extra Fees for one or multiple user roles only, select those user roles for the Enable by User Role option. By default, your Extra Fee is applicable to all user roles.

11. If you have multiple Product Extra Fees in your store and their conditions are conflicting, you may increase the value for the Priority field for your Extra Fee preference that must be applied to your buyer’s cart in such a scenario.

12. Enter details for each of your Product Extra Fees in the same way.

13. Click on the Save Changes button.

Example 1 – One Product Extra Fee in Online Store #

Let’s say, you want your customers to pay an extra fee when they order fewer products because you are targeting to attract retailers and bulk buyers at present. Also, the cost of shipping cannot be compensated from profit when the order size is low.

You can set a Cart Minimum Quantity and/or a Cart Maximum Quantity value using the WooCommerce Product Extra Fees plugin in your store. For example, we have set a range of 1-5 products/items in this example while keeping the extra fees taxable.

So, for a matching condition, you can see the cost of $5.60 ($5 fixed + taxes) being applied in the store.


If you do not want to apply tax on your extra fee, you can deselect the Enable checkbox for the Taxable option.

Now, the extra fee being applied is $5.


Example 2 – Multiple Product Extra Fees in Online Store #

To enable more than 1 Extra Fee, you first need to change the desired value of Total Fees in your store.

Now, specify details related to another Extra Fee. For example, here, we have applied a product extra fee of 10% when the cart value is less than $1000.



10+ Utilities of Product Extra Fees for Online Shops #

Thinking when can you apply extra fees on your customers, or confused about if it will be ok to charge additional money from buyers? Well, read a few scenarios where WooCommerce Product Fees Plugin makes a perfect choice for your store:

  1. Gift Wrapping

If you own a gift store or offer gift-wrapping facilities to your customers, it is totally fair to charge fees for this service. In fact, it is much better than not providing a wrapping facility in your store.

  1. Delivery as per the Time decided by Buyer (e.g. for birthdays)

Generally, stores display the approximate delivery date and time in their store. But what if your customer is ordering a gift that he wants to get delivered to the recipient after 15 days instead of 5? Well, for such orders, when the buyer wants to select a later (and exact) delivery date, you can charge extra fees in your store.

  1. Customization (text on the cake, printing on t-shirt, etc.)

If you are selling products that can be personalized a bit (or more), think of providing customization services to make more money. For example, you can offer t-shirt printing services and charge extra fees for it. The same can be done for mugs, pillows, cakes, and other similar items.

  1. Custom Branding (e.g., for Corporate gifts)

If your products have scope for corporate gifting, enabling custom branding services and fees can increase your sales multifold. By letting your Corporate customers avail branding services, you can satisfy their needs and retain them for longer. After all, businesses love to make every opportunity a marketing opportunity, and gifts with the brand’s name of it give them just that.

  1. Express Delivery

If your store has a few products that require delivery through expensive methods, e.g. express delivery, or there are products (such as groceries) that customers would want to receive fast, it is fine to charge extra fees.

  1. Cost for an add-on (e.g. extra oregano sachets with pizza, or a set of candles with a birthday cake)

If you are providing essential add-ons, e.g. candles with a birthday cake or insurance with some electric appliance, it is better to charge extra fees from the buyer while giving them a proper description of why they need to pay extra.

  1. Additional Taxes

As the nature of certain products may attract additional taxes, you can apply extra fees on the basis of those taxes in your store. These fees can be applied to several products, categories, or tags easily when you use Product Extra Fees Plugin.

  1. Shipping fee

Do you want to charge shipping fees from the buyers when they purchase products worth less than $200? Well, it makes sense. Small orders cannot earn you enough profit and therefore, shipping costs should not be waived off for such orders. Enable the WooCommerce Product extra fees plugin today.

  1. For extra-careful packages (for longer distances)

For the eCommerce businesses who sell antiques, sensitive products (easily breakable), and the items requiring extra care while delivery, packaging cost is quite high. So, it is perfectly sensible to ask buyers to pay for packaging efforts and material. Extra fees plugin can help you in doing so.

  1. For delivery through international parcel carriers

If you are shipping products to different countries that involve sending parcels through international carriers, the shipping operation might be costly for you. If so, extra fees can reduce your store’s burden.

  1. The Payment Gateway Fee

Is your payment gateway charging a significant commission per transaction from you? Why not apply this charge, or its part, on customers while transparently showing the payment gateway fee (percent or fixed) for the order to them? With the WooCommerce Product Extra Fees plugin, this functionality can be enabled in less than 5 minutes.



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