About Us

Learn more about Booster For WooCommerce.

Booster.io began in 2014 when our small team launched a humble plugin designed to… well if we’re being honest, designed to make OUR lives easier.

You see, as WooCommerce business owners ourselves, we were frustrated with clunky, one-trick-pony plugins that slowed down our sites and didn’t always play nice together. So, we set out to solve that problem by taking all the features we wanted for our WooCommerce store and bundling them together in one convenient plugin. For us, it was love at first sight. Finally, one plugin to do it all.

And what we discovered was…

A lot of other people loved the convenience of Booster, too. (See: Customer reviews) Fully customizing the functionality of their WooCommerce site with just ONE simple plugin provided the flexibility and value they were looking for.

Since those early years, the Booster team has grown, and so has the number of features we offer. Today, Booster is a plugin powerhouse that offers 100+ features, and it has been downloaded over 2 million times. It is the most robust WooCommerce plugin on the market. Driven by our commitment to provide our customers with great service and value, we’ll continue to innovate awesomeness by making the WooCommerce platform easy to customize with one do-it-all plugin.

Our core values

  • ✓ Commitment to customers
  • ✓ Constant improvement
  • ✓ Quality
  • ✓ Ownership
  • ✓ Empathy
  • ✓ Fun

Thank you for taking the time to read about Booster For WooCommerce.