WooCommerce Maximum Products per User


With WooCommerce Maximum Products per User module you can set how many products can user buy. Products bought are calculated by lifetime stats (i.e. not per order). Please note, that there is no maximum quantity set for not-logged (i.e. guest) users. Product quantities are updated, when order status is changed to completed.

All Products

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Enable section
Default: no
Maximum Allowed Each Product’s Quantity per User
This will set maximum quantity for each product globally.
Default: 1

Per Product

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Enable section
This will add new meta box to each product’s edit page.
Default: no

After enabling “Per Product” checkbox, please open some product’s admin edit page. There you will find two new meta boxes (“Booster: Maximum Products per User” and “Booster: Maximum Products per User: Sales Data”). In first one you will be able to set maximum quantity for the current product. Second one will display current sales data:

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General Options

Maximum Products Per User 1

Customer Message
Replaced values: %max_qty%%product_title%%qty_already_bought%%remaining_qty%.
Default: <__alg_replace_pre__>You can only buy maximum %max_qty% pcs. of %product_title% (you already bought %qty_already_bought% pcs.).
Block Checkout Page
This will stop customer from accessing the checkout page on exceeded quantities. Customer will be redirected to the cart page.
Default: no
Calculate Data
This will calculate data for older orders.
Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Shipping & Orders > Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce
Tested on WooCommerce 9.0.0 and WordPress 6.5.4