WooCommerce Order Min Max Quantities


With WooCommerce Order Min/Max Quantities module you can set minimal and/or maximal item quantities for orders. Quantities can be set for all order (i.e. cart total quantity) or on per item basis.

This module will allow you to Decimal quantities, also, allow you to enable notice on cart.

Minimum Quantity Options

When setting minimum quantity requirements for the order you can require minimal quantity for the whole cart (Cart Total Quantity) and/or minimal quantity for each item in cart (Per Item Quantity). If you don’t need any of these options, just set its value to zero. In this section you can also set messages visible to the customers if minimal quantity requirements are not met.

WooCommerce Order Min Max Quantities - Admin Settings - Minimum Quantity Options

Maximum Quantity Options

Section is similar to the minimum quantity section, but instead maximum order quantity requirements are applied to the cart.

WooCommerce Order Min Max Quantities - Admin Settings - Maximum Quantity Options

Predefined Values in Messages

When setting the messages, you can use predefined values that will be replaced with actual quantities. Those values are:

Cart Total Quantity

Value Replaced with
%min_cart_total_quantity% Minimum required cart total quantity
%max_cart_total_quantity% Maximum required cart total quantity
%cart_total_quantity% Actual cart total quantity

Per Item Quantity

Value Replaced with
%product_title% Current item title
%min_per_item_quantity% Minimum required current item quantity
%max_per_item_quantity% Maximum required current item quantity
%item_quantity% Actual current item quantity

General Options

There are two more general options.

With Enable Cart Notices option you can enable or disable wrong quantity messages on WooCommerce cart page. If notices on cart are disabled, customer will only see notices on the checkout page.

With Stop Customer from Seeing Checkout on Wrong Quantities you can restrict user from viewing the checkout page if order quantity requirements are not met – in this case user will be redirected to the cart page if he tries to access the checkout page. With this option enabled, you probably want to enable cart notices, so customer would have the information on why he is not allowed to get to the checkout page.

WooCommerce Order Min Max Quantities - Admin Settings - General Options

Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Shipping & Orders > Order Min/Max Quantities
Tested on WooCommerce 6.0.0 and WordPress 5.8.3