WooCommerce Coupon Code Generator plugin

Overview #

The WooCommerce Coupon Code Generator plugin allows store owners to generate random coupon codes for their store users. You can use the following algorithms to generate these codes:

  • Hash: crc32 (length 8)
  • Hash: md5 (length 32)
  • Hash: sha1 (length 40)
  • Random letters and numbers (length 32)
  • Random letters (length 32)
  • Random numbers (length 32)

For any selected algorithm, you can set a particular coupon code length (less than the code’s actual length) to create codes that match your requirements.

Getting Started with Coupon Code Generator #

To enable and use the WooCommerce Coupon Code Generator plugin, you should first download and install Booster for WooCommerce.

1. Go to Booster > CART & CHECKOUT Coupon Code Generator.

2. For the Coupon Code Generator plugin, toggle towards the Enable field.

3. Click Save Changes.

The WooCommerce Coupon Code Generator plugin will be enabled for your site.

General Options #

You can configure General Options to generate coupon codes when new coupons are added using this plugin.

1. Navigate to Booster > CART & CHECKOUT Coupon Code Generator and click the expand icon. The Coupon Code Generator > General Options page will be displayed.

2. In the Options section, check the box for Generate Coupon Code Automatically – Enable field.

3. Select the algorithm based on which you want coupon codes to be generated from the Algorithm dropdown list. Your options are:

  • Hash: crc32 (length 8)
  • Hash: md5 (length 32)
  • Hash: sha1 (length 40)
  • Random letters and numbers (length 32)
  • Random letters (length 32)
  • Random numbers (length 32).
  1. If you want to create a code of a particular length, fill the Length field.
  2. Save changes.


  • The value set in the Length field will override the length of the algorithm selected.
  • If Length > maximum length for the selected algorithm, it will be ignored.
  • To use the full length for the selected algorithm, then set the Length value to zero.

The table below shows examples of original coupon codes and coupon codes if Length is set to 6:

Algorithm Original Coupon Code Example Coupon Code Lenght=6
Hash: crc32length = 8 1dbd3a02 1dbd3a
Hash: md5length = 32 947bcdf35cb5fc14fcc6682f9449f680 947bcd
Hash: sha1length = 40 988cb6ef2540aeef1971e7c9d013adc6bbf31213 988cb6
Random letters and numberslength = 32 nbi01wmg6u3qox99mbz2mrmkqgzrk4g4 nbi01w
Random letterslength = 32 kgkntmxcaqsmwzhwnjpttddgsewaeugb kgkntm
Random numberslength = 32 38209630105674188634395332625902 382096

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