Currency Exchange Rates


WooCommerce Currency Exchange Rates module lets you can setup exchange rates settings for currency pairs used in other Booster’s multicurrency modules:

Currency Exchange Rates Module Options

General Options

Currency Exchange Rates1

Exchange Rates Updates
Here you can select currency exchange rates update interval. Possible values: Update Every Minute; Update Hourly; Update Twice Daily; Update Daily; Update Weekly.
Default: Update Daily
Exchange Rates Server
Default: European Central Bank (ECB)
Exchange Rates Rounding
Enable this if you want currency exchange rates to be rounded.
Default: no
Rounding Precision
If rounding is enabled – set precision here.
Default: 0
Exchange Rates Offset – Percent
Default: 0
Exchange Rates Offset – Fixed
Here you can add a fixed offset to the rates. Can be positive or negative. If both percent and fixed offsets are set – percent offset is applied first and fixed offset after that.
Default: 0
Calculate with Inversion
If your currency pair have very small exchange rate, you may want to invert currencies before calculating the rate.
Default: no
Always Use cURL
If for some reason currency exchange rates are not updating, try enabling this option.
Default: no

Custom Currencies Options

You can add more currencies in this section. E.g. this can be used to display exchange rates with [wcj_currency_exchange_rate], [wcj_currency_exchange_rates_table] shortcodes.


Total Custom Currencies
Default: 1
Custom Currency #X
Select additional currency here.
Default: Disabled

Exchange Rates

Currency Exchange Rates2 1

Rate for Currency Pair
Currency exchange rate for the current pair. By pressing button near each currency pair, you can grab current exchange rate.
Default: 0
Exchange Rates Server
If you want use another (i.e. not default / selected above) currency exchange rate server for the current pair, you can set it here. Possible values: Use default; Yahoo; European Central Bank (ECB); TCMB; Fixer.io; Coinbase; CoinMarketCap.
Default: Use default

Worker 1 Developers

Adding Custom Exchange Server

If you wish to add custom exchange server, you need these filters:

  • `wcj_currency_exchange_rates_servers` and
  • `wcj_currency_exchange_rate`.

For example, you could add something like this to your (child) theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( ‘wcj_currency_exchange_rates_servers’, ‘booster_add_exchange_server’ );<br />
if ( ! function_exists( ‘booster_add_exchange_server’ ) ) {<br />
function booster_add_exchange_server( $servers ) {<br />
$servers[‘your_server_id’] = ‘Your server title’;<br />
return $servers;<br />
}<br />
}<br />
add_filter( ‘wcj_currency_exchange_rate’, ‘booster_get_exchange_server_rate’, 10, 4 );<br />
if ( ! function_exists( ‘booster_get_exchange_server_rate’ ) ) {<br />
function booster_get_exchange_server_rate( $rate, $server, $currency_from, $currency_to ) {<br />
if ( ‘your_server_id’ === $server ) {<br />
// TODO: calculate $rate here (using $currency_from and $currency_to)<br />
}<br />
return $rate;<br />
}<br />
Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Prices & Currencies > Currency Exchange Rates for WooCommerce
Tested on WooCommerce 8.8.2 and WordPress 6.5.2