WooCommerce Products XML Feed


An XML feed is a data file containing information about the products you sell on your eСommerce store. This information comprises several attributes; WooCommerce does not allow you to create XML feeds manually. The Booster plugin XML product feed for WooCommerce works to automate the process of generating product XML feeds for WooCommerce. It supports customizable updates and Booster product shortcodes to make XML feed creation approachable. 

The efficiency of your product feed can be the difference between a successful or failed product promotion campaign on marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, or Alibaba. Automated XML feeds for WooCommerce keep your product data updated and easily manageable. 

What are the main benefits of Products XML Feeds for WooCommerce?

A WooCommerce XML service, like Booster, can be very beneficial for your e-commerce store. Some of the main benefits of using WooCommerce XML feed are:

Auto Update

Booster plugin allows users to configure the update rate of generating product XML feeds for WooCommerce to every minute, hour, twice a day, daily, or once a week, depending on your business and preference. These auto updates generate XML feeds when they are required, always keeping your product data up to date.

Set XML File Templates, Names, and Paths

Booster’s XML service for WooCommerce allows you to configure different templates, paths, and names for each XML feed separately. This is beneficial for stores that want to list their products on different marketing channels.

Time Efficiency

Creating XML feeds on WooCommerce is not easy, even if you are familiar with its associated technicalities. Additionally, bulk WooCommerce XML export and WooCommerce XML product import are also not supported, making multiple XML feed creations exhausting and resource extensive. Booster allows multiple WooCommerce product XML import and export, making simultaneous WooCommerce XML feed creation easier and more efficient. 

Reach your Target Audience for Successful Marketing

Product XML feeds for WooCommerce have assigned attributes to your products, including all the information about them. This makes it easier for the target audience to find your products across different marketing channels, increases product visibility, and boosts online exposure.

How to set up a Products XML Feeds for WooCommerce

Now to answer the question of how to set up a XML product feed for WooCommerce. The process is very simple with the help of Booster’s plugin XML product feed generation for WooCommerce.

The first step is to install Booster. After that is done, enable the XML feeds module from Booster. This can be done by taking the following steps from the admin panel: 

WooCommerce → Settings → Booster

When there, enable the Products XML Feeds module located under the Products section.

The second step after enabling the module is to configure settings by taking the following steps:

Booster → Products → Product XML Feeds.

Booster provides a wide range of configuration options, made even easier by using Booster Product Shortcodes. Adjust the text field for the XML Header, configure the XML Item text field, and set the XML Footer.

Booster also allows you to customize the XML file path, name, and update period.


What information do I need to include in my XML feed for WooCommerce?

The most important information to include in the XML feeds for WooCommerce is:

  • Name of the product
  • URL address of the product on the store.
  • Price of product
  • Products category
  • The Brand name, if applicable
  • Image with URL

How often should I update my WooCommerce XML feed?

The update rate that you should go with for your WooCommerce XML feed depends on your eCommerce store and its products. If the product information requires regular updates, then using the option of once or multiple times a day is a good option. Otherwise, we suggest updating at least once a week. 

Is there a limit to the number ofproducts I can include in my WooCommerce XML feed?

No, Booster allows you to include multiple products in your WooCommerce XML feed. You can select the number of products to include at the top of the configuration page.  

Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Products > Products XML Feeds for WooCommerce
Tested on WooCommerce 8.2.1 and WordPress 6.3.2