WooCommerce EU VAT Number


When enabled, WooCommerce EU VAT Number module lets you collect and validate EU VAT numbers on WooCommerce checkout and automatically (if necessary) exempt VAT for valid numbers. You can also add predefined set of 28 European Union countries standard VAT rates to WooCommerce.

Collecting and Validating EU VAT Numbers

You should start by visiting module’s settings at WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Emails & Misc. > EU VAT Number.

WooCommerce EU VAT Number Module Options

Field Label
Field label on shop’s checkout (frontend).

Default: EU VAT Number
Field placeholder on shop’s checkout.

Default: EU VAT Number
Should the field be required for customer to fill on checkout?

Default: No
CSS clear after the field.

Default: Yes
CSS class.

Default: Wide
Should the VAT be validated? VAT is validated through “VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)”.

Default: Yes
Message on Not Valid
Message to the customer if VAT is not valid.

Default: EU VAT Number is not valid.
Disable VAT for Valid Numbers
Subtract VAT from order for validated numbers.

Default: Yes
Preserve VAT in Base Country
This will prevent from subtracting the VAT for validated customers with billing country same as shop’s base country.

Default: No
Check for IP Location Country
Allow only customers located in country to enter that country’s VAT code. Customer is located by IP.

Default: No

Adding customer’s EU VAT Number to PDF Invoices

This can be done with wcj_order_checkout_field shortcode.

[wcj_order_checkout_field field_id="billing_eu_vat_number" before="VAT Code: "]

EU Countries VAT Rates Tool

List of EU VAT rates to be added

1AT – Austria20%
2BE – Belgium21%
3BG – Bulgaria20%
4CY – Cyprus19%
5CZ – Czech Republic21%
6DE – Germany19%
7DK – Denmark25%
8EE – Estonia20%
9ES – Spain21%
10FI – Finland24%
11FR – France20%
12GB – United Kingdom (UK)20%
13GR – Greece23%
14HU – Hungary27%
15HR – Croatia25%
16IE – Republic of Ireland23%
17IT – Italy22%
18LT – Lithuania21%
19LU – Luxembourg17%
20LV – Latvia21%
21MT – Malta18%
22NL – Netherlands21%
23PL – Poland23%
24PT – Portugal23%
25RO – Romania19%
26SE – Sweden25%
27SI – Slovenia22%
28SK – Slovakia20%
Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Cart & Checkout > EU VAT Number
Tested on WooCommerce 4.8.0 and WordPress 5.6
Plugin can be downloaded here. If there are any locked fields in the module, you will need to get Booster Plus to unlock them.