WooCommerce Products


Crowdfunding for WooCommerce

Add crowdfunding products to WooCommerce
product add to cart

Add To Cart In WooCommerce

Redirect customers to a page on your site after adding a product to their cart. Automatically add products to your customer’s cart. Display radio buttons instead of drop box for variable products. Disable quantity input. Disable add to cart button on per product basis. Open external products in new window
related products

Related Products for WooCommerce

Change displayed WooCommerce related products number, columns, order, relate by tag and/or category, or hide related products completely
product images

Product Images for WooCommerce

Customize the visibility of product images, thumbnails and WooCommerce sale flashes on product listings

SKU In WooCommerce

Generate WooCommerce SKUs automatically
product input fields

Product Input Fields for WooCommerce

Add custom input fields to all WooCommerce products or per product
custom product tabs

Custom Product Tabs For WooCommerce

Add custom product tabs - globally or per product. Customize or completely remove WooCommerce default product tabs
product listings

Product Listings For WooCommerce

Change WooCommerce display options for shop and category pages: show/hide categories count, exclude categories, show/hide empty categories
product info

Product Info for WooCommerce

Add even more product info to WooCommerce categories and single product pages
more sorting options

Sorting for WooCommerce

Add more WooCommerce sorting options or remove all sorting including default