Booster for WooCommerce: Free vs Plus

Button & Price Labels

Free Plus
Add to Cart Labels module
Per category Single group only
Per product
Per product type
Call for Price module
“Call for Price” products Default text only
Make all products “Call for Price”
Custom Price Labels module
Globally After the price only
Per product Instead of the price only
More Button Labels module
“Place order” button

Cart & Checkout

Cart module
Cart custom info blocks Single info block only
Cart items table custom info
Checkout Core Fields module
Checkout core fields
Checkout Custom Fields module
Checkout custom fields Single field only
Checkout Custom Info module
Checkout custom info blocks Single info block only
Checkout Files Upload module
Checkout files upload Single file only
Empty Cart Button module
Empty cart button Default text and position only
Mini Cart module
Mini cart custom info blocks Single info block only

Emails & Misc.

Admin Bar module
Standard WooCommerce admin bar
Booster for WooCommerce admin bar
Admin Tools module
Admin tools
General Tools module
General tools
WPML module
Emails module
Custom Emails Single email template only
Email Forwarding
EU VAT Number module
EU VAT Number Except preserve VAT in base country and check IP for location
Export Tools module
Export customers
Export orders
Export products Single additional field only
Product XML Feed module
Product XML feed Single XML file only
Old Slugs module
Remove old slugs
Reports module
Additional reports

Orders & Shipping

Address Formats module
Address formats by country
Custom Order Numbers module
Sequential order numbers
Custom prefix
Custom date prefix No
Custom width No
Custom suffix No
Custom date suffix No
Order Custom Statuses module
Add/remove custom statuses
Edit custom statuses No
Set icon and color
Set default order status
Add to admin order bulk actions
Add to admin reports
Make custom status orders editable No
Show "Processing" and "Complete" action buttons No
Add custom statuses to admin order list action buttons No
Order Min/Max Quantities module
Minimum/Maximum cart total quantity
Minimum/Maximum per item quantity No
Order Minimum Amount module
Order minimum amount Default user messages only
Order minimum amount by user role Guest, administrator and customer roles only
Orders module
Admin order currency
Orders auto-complete
Admin orders list custom columns Single column only
Admin orders list multiple status
Admin orders list columns order
Shipping module
Custom shipping with zones
Custom shipping (legacy) Single method only
Hide other shipping if free is available
Left to free shipping (cart, mini cart, checkout) Cart only
Shipping descriptions
Shipping icons
Shipping Calculator module
Enable city, postcode, state etc.
Labels No
Shipping Methods by Products module
Shipping Methods by Products Local Pickup and Flat Rate methods only
Shipping Methods by Product Categories Local Pickup and Flat Rate methods only
Shipping Methods by Product Tags Local Pickup and Flat Rate methods only
Shipping Methods by Users module
Shipping Methods by User Role Local Pickup and Flat Rate methods only
Shipping Methods by User Membership Plans Local Pickup and Flat Rate methods only

Payment Gateways

Custom Payment Gateways module
Custom payment gateways Single gateway only; no minimum order amount
Payment Gateways by Country or State module
Payment gateways by country or state BACS gateway only
Payment Gateways by User Role module
Payment gateways by user role BACS gateway only
Payment Gateways Currency module
Payment gateways currency Manual exchange rates only
Payment Gateways Fees and Discounts module
Payment gateways fees and discounts
Payment Gateways Icons module
Payment gateways icons Except custom payment gateways
Payment Gateways Min/Max module
Payment gateways min/max BACS gateway only
Payment Gateways per Product or Category module
Payment gateways per product or category Categories only

PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips

PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips module
PDF Invoicing Invoices only; default footer and font only

Prices & Currencies

All Currencies module
World currencies
Set currency symbol No
Custom currencies Single currency only
Bulk Price Converter module
Bulk price converter Except ‘pretty prices’
Currency Exchange Rates module
Currency exchange rates
Currency for External Products module
Currency for external products
Currency per Product module
Currency per product Manual exchange rates and single currency only
Multicurrency (Currency Switcher) module
Currency switcher Manual exchange rates and two currencies only
Multicurrency Product Base Price module
Multicurrency product base price Manual exchange rates and single currency only
Price by User Role module
Per product settings Single product only
Price Formats module
Price Formats Single currency only
Prices and Currencies by Country module
Prices and currencies by country Manual exchange rates and single country group only
Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) module
Product open pricing (name your price) Single product only
Product Price by Formula module
Product price by formula Single product only
Shop Global Discount module
Shop global discount Single discount group only
Wholesale Price module
Wholesale price Single quantity level only


Bookings module
Bookings Single product only
Crowdfunding module
Custom Product Tabs module
Globally Single product tab only
Per product Single product tab only
Customize standard product tabs Except priority (i.e. order)
Product Add to Cart module
Product add to cart Except radio buttons instead of drop box for variable products
Product Addons module
Globally Single addon only
Per product Three products only
Product Cost Price module
Product cost price Single additional custom price field only
Product Images module
Product images
Product Info module
Single product page Single info block only
Archives Single info block only
Product Input Fields module
Globally Single input field only
Per product Single input field only
Product Listings module
Shop page display
Category display Except hide subcategories count on category pages
Products per page Default select options only
TAX display
Product Visibility by Country module
Product visibility by country
Product Visibility by User Role module
Product visibility by user role
Related Products module
Related products
SKU module
SKU generation Except sequential
Variable products SKU same as parent’s product only
Sorting module
Add more sorting Except sorting SKUs as numbers instead of as texts
Remove all sorting (including WooCommerce default) No
Stock module
Custom "In Stock" HTML
Custom "In Stock" Class
Custom "Out of Stock" HTML
Custom "Out of Stock" Class
Custom Stock HTML No
Remove Stock Display No
User Products module
User products Except image field