While surfing through a website, visitors often find products they’re interested in but not willing to purchase just yet. As they scroll your webpage, they eventually forget about these items – abandoning their carts altogether. Thus, customers leave your page and probably never return for another purchase.

This is why Booster’s WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is crucial for your store. With it, customers can save the list of products they like, later add their products to the cart and complete the checkout process. Wishlist for WooCommerce makes the online purchasing process smoother. 

How to create your Wishlist strategy with Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin?

Wishlist for WooCommerce allows customers to save their favorite products so they can revisit your page. Thus, this plugin turns abandoned carts into potential purchases and repeat visits to your site, increasing conversions and thereby profit. So let’s explore the five basic steps on how to add a Wishlist in WooCommerce:

  • Install and activate the Wishlists

To begin, you will purchase and download a Wishlist for the WooCommerce plugin from Booster. After downloading the ZIP file, click on Plugins and Add New in your WordPress dashboard.  Now, click the Upload Plugin option at the screen’s top, and choose the Wishlists for WooCommerce from your PC. Click Install Now to upload and install the plugin. After that, click on the Activate Plugin button, and it has been installed. 

  • Set up the main page

With the WooCommerce Product Wishlist Plugin, you can display customers’ wishes. To create it, go to the Pages options, and click on Add New. Write the page title, type the [iconic_ww_Wishlists] code into the text editor; next, save and publish your page. Then, link the page to the plugin by selecting the Wishlists menu option. Click on Settings, where you can click on the drop-down menu and select the new Wishlists page.  

  • Add the menu items to the site’s navigation

Make it easier for people to find your page by adding the site’s navigation. Go to Appearance and click on Menus in WordPress. Select the Wishlists page from the list on the left panel. Then, click on Add To and then select Save Menu. Now, your page will be more prominent in the site’s navigation, and people will be able to find your store easily and quickly.

  • Customize the Wishlist buttons

Customize the buttons to provide more facilities for your visitors, making it more convenient for them to add your products to their Wishlists. Customers can directly add items from product pages to their lists. In the settings, go to the buttons tab and Add to Wishlist buttons. Here you may also adjust the appearance of your buttons and the icons you wish to use on them.

  • Manage the Wishlists

Customers can now easily add items to their lists. All you need to do now is manage these by navigating to Wishlists and clicking on All Wishlists within WordPress. You can see through these to gather the information that can be good for future campaigns. By managing and monitoring lists, you can track product preferences and gather useful data for your business.  

What are Wishlist setting options?

A Wishlist is one of the most useful features on a WooCommerce website. It helps win loyal customers and increase sales. 

Here are a few options that you can enable to enhance the overall display of the Wishlist button:

  • Display the button under post types/content.
  • Add tags, custom terms, and post author pages to your Wishlist.
  • Include the date, month, and year page to the listed item.
  • Link a homepage to the list.

Wishlists are also extremely convenient for customers, due to the following setting options:

  • Create an unlimited number of lists
  • Choose to create public or private lists.
  • Add different search pages to their list or even make a favorite item.
  • Easily make or delete lists, and also see them via the archive page.

Benefits of the WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

By adding Wishlists to your WooCommerce store, customers can save items for future purchases. This can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. 

It’s a useful feature for customers and may make it more attractive for them to visit and peruse your store because they can:

  • Save products of interest that they might purchase later.
  • Go through their Wishlists when discounts or promotions are on offer.
  • See when a saved product gets restocked.
  • Share saved items with friends, family, and social media.
  • Stay up to date on your products with email campaigns.

Due to the aforementioned perks, there are several benefits to be enjoyed as a WooCommerce store owner, since you can:

  • Be provided valuable insights to make informed marketing and product decisions.
  • Ensure that you stock more popular items in larger amounts.
  • Expand your brand awareness when customers share with friends and family.
  • Retain customers as they will provide you with their email.


A Wishlist for WooCommerce, with an easy-to-use interface, is one of the best ways to increase conversions and win loyal customers. The robust WooCommerce feature-packed solution will help more profitable outcomes as people will have a hassle-friendly option to add and share products via Wishlists. You can also look at the created lists to get an idea about what customers really want. Therefore, incorporating a dedicated Wishlist button is an essential tool for a successful eCommerce business today. Using Booster’s Wishlist for WooCommerce will make your page more convenient for customers, and yield more conversions and profits.

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