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There is more to a business than just selling your products. You need to engage your customers to increase sales and revenues. An email marketing campaign is the best strategy you can use to increase your customer base, and build a thriving source of repeat sales. Booster is a plugin that provides the best email marketing tools for WooCommerce to improve customer retention through emails. It offers a wide variety of modules to start an email marketing campaign for your business.

How to Create an Effective WooCommerce Email Marketing Strategy?

To create the best email marketing for WooCommerce, you need to have the right tools. When you combine the use of this plugin with a genuine interest in growing your business, you can boost your sales in a short time. Employ the following Booster email marketing tools to build a robust email marketing strategy:

1. Personalize by using Custom Emails to improve the customer’s experience which will keep customers engaged and increase sales.

2. Use the Abandoned Carts module to send reminders through follow-up emails and complete purchases.

3. Engage first-time visitors through automated email funnels by using WooCommerce Email Options.

4. Send a confirmation email after purchase by adding email recipient(s) to all emails with the “Booster Email Options” tool.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Email marketing improves the customer lifetime value of your business. When a customer provides you with their email address, you can build a long-term business relationship. Booster provides you with the best email marketing tools WooCommerce as it has several tools that target users through their purchasing preferences and track their online activity.

Furthermore, email marketing is 56% effective for customer retention, whereas social media marketing is only 37% effective, according to the latest research. Email marketing is more relevant because customers can get regular updates on your new products. They are more likely to trust the information sent through an email rather than a social media advertisement. Unlike social media accounts that change after some time, people tend to use the same email address for a long time.

What Are Booster Email Marketing Tools?

They are tools that help you grow your business and automate the process of sending emails regularly. With a wide range of applications, this plugin makes your WooCommerce store more convenient and practical.

Edit Email Templates

Booster WooCommerce Template Editor allows you to make changes to your email templates from your WordPress admin dashboard. Select the templates you want to edit and click “Save changes”. It will create a template file in your WooCommerce folder, saving your new template.

Booster WooCommerce User Tracking

The user tracking tool shows you the latest activity by users according to their place of origin. Enable the admin dashboard widget and select the information you want to display. You can track orders by country and the number of visits to your website. This email tracking tool will show you the number of visits to your WooCommerce store and how many of those visits ended up in a purchase.

Why Should You Use Booster Email Marketing Tools for Your WooCommerce Store?

Booster email marketing tools enhance the overall performance of your email marketing strategy. By intercepting the customer throughout the sales process, these tools help you maximize your outreach and build sustainable customer contacts. With more than 200 features, the Booster plugin has the best email marketing tools as modules in its complete package.

It offers flawless compatibility with WooCommerce and does not affect the speed of your website. Instead of installing multiple plugins that take up most of your storage space in your store, you can add this one plugin to improve and keep track of your sales and document progress.

Top Booster Email Marketing Tools for WooCommerce

Booster email marketing tools are designed to increase your customer base with targeted emails. These tools specify the target audience and shape your emails accordingly. They also help you identify uninterested users through verification and stringent registration.

WooCommerce Email Options

With the WooCommerce Email Options module, you can add another email recipient(s) to all your emails. You can add product information to the item name and forward it to potential customers. It speeds up the email forwarding process and saves time by reducing the number of individual emails.

WooCommerce Email Verification

Email verification is necessary to reach your customers in time. Most emails can end up in obscurity if they are not properly verified. Booster’s WooCommerce Email Verification tool authenticates your emails as they are sent out to your customers.

This tool can help you verify your emails by authenticating registered users. It verifies the users who are already registered and sends them customized emails. The verified users are redirected to a custom URL that boosts the chances of a purchase.

Sometimes users are automatically logged in and receive notifications without actually viewing them. Email Verification prevents automatic log-ins and saves your marketing resources.

Cart Abandonment

The Booster Cart Abandonment module can help you keep track of abandoned carts in your customer’s accounts. It is necessary to keep the customers engaged and help them trust the online process.

Tracking the email address of the user, this module sends follow-up emails to retain these customers. These emails remind the user that they still need the product and may resume their order.

WooCommerce Custom Email

The Custom Email is a Booster module that enables you to send transactional emails throughout the buying process. You don’t have to wait for a customer to purchase to send them an email.

This allows you to set admin titles, and email triggers and send emails in various email types including HTML, plain text, and multipart. It also provides access to email templates to boost sales.


Booster offers the best email marketing tools on the market for WooCommerce as they improve customer relations and retention. According to McKinsey, 70% of purchases are based on the way a customer feels they are treated. By applying the best email marketing tools from Booster, you can improve the customer experience by offering quick information and services. If you use these email marketing tools with vigilance, you can convert abandoned carts into purchases by sending custom emails and verifying registered users.

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