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A WooCommerce Store allows users from around the globe to access the store link to browse through and make purchases online. One common issue that is faced all around the globe is making payments in the required currency. The WooCommerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher facilitates clients to make payments in their own currency. 

Being able to make payments in one’s own currency appeals to buyers and pulls in more customers. You can add almost all major world currencies by integrating the WooCommerce Multi Currency plugin into your online store. Customers greatly appreciate this feature as it provides the product prices in a clear and easy-to-understand way. 

How Does a Multi-Currency Plugin work?

A multi-currency plugin allows customers on an e-commerce store to proceed with their payments in their chosen currency. The WooCommerce Multi Currency Switcher plugin provides a very interactive and easy-to-use interface. Each listed item has its own dropdown menu for currency selection. The currency switcher is placed on different spots in the store to facilitate customers. 

The plugin provides two options:

  • Manual pricing and currency selection: The user can search for and choose most of the convenient currencies. The manual pricing option is somewhat tedious but offers more control over your product prices. Customers find it misleading to see constant price changes due to fluctuating exchange rates. Manual pricing is a suitable option for businesses with relatively smaller product lists.
  • Automatic pricing and currency selection: The WooCommerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher selects local currency by using the user’s geographical location on its own. According to the latest exchange rates, the product prices are automatically updated several times daily. Automatic pricing is a much more time-efficient method and works better on e-commerce stores with numerous products.

Why Do You Need a WooCommerce Currency Switcher for Your Online Business? 

The WooCommerce Multi Currency is a necessity for any e-commerce platform. The ability to view, compare and pay the price for a product in one’s own currency makes the shopping experience easier for the customer. Clients always prefer a store where the shopping process, from product selection to payment and checkout, is as effortless as possible. 

Customers are more likely to abandon their cart when the costs of the items are unclear, or the conversion rates are too high. The e-commerce stores lose a huge chunk of the potential income that could have been earned if these basic issues had been resolved. 

Listing the products in multiple currencies has the following benefits:

  • If the customer has to pay in some currency other than his own, the speed of the translation process will be affected. The turnaround speed will be increased, as with local currencies, it will be easier for the customers to compare and purchase products. 
  • The user can change the currency at the checkout to pay in the desired currency with a suitable payment method for the selected currency.
  • The conversion rate of leads can be increased by allowing potential customers to purchase in their local currencies. Once a customer experiences a good e-commerce store, he is more likely to recommend it to others. 
  • Extra fees for price conversions can be avoided, and the users only pay for what they order. Many shopping abandonments can be avoided if the amount to be charged (exchange/conversion rates included) is listed in the native currencies.
  • Shopping coupons can be converted according to the selected currency by the user. This means that the promotions can be availed in the customer’s local currency.
  • Refunds and withdrawals that are caused by currency conversion issues can be eliminated.

How to Set Up a Currency Switcher in WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce Multi Currency Switcher has a very user-friendly and basic integration approach. A basic and easy way to incorporate the multi-currency option is using shortcodes. Open the dashboard of your WordPress store and look for ‘Widgets’ in the ‘Appearances’ section. The shortcode that can be used is wcj_currency_select_drop_down_list.

Select the location for the shortcode to be added, it can be in the footer, sidebar etc. A simple search for Booster Multi currency Switcher will lead you to the plugin, where you can add it by clicking on it. The first thing is to select the currencies shown in the store. From ‘Admin Options’, look for ‘Settings’, navigate to ‘Booster’, select ‘Prices and Currencies’ and click on ‘Multicurrency’.

From ‘Currency Options’ under ‘Multicurrency’, select the number of currencies you want to integrate and save your changes. Bear in mind that one basic shop currency has to be added. This makes the minimum number of languages to be selected ‘2’. A drop-down list will appear, from which the desired currencies can be selected. 

After selecting the currencies, exchange rates can be set manually and automatically according to the current exchange rates available on the internet. To set prices for individual products in each currency, checkmark the ‘Multicurrency on per Product Basis’ and proceed to the product edit page.


An e-commerce store that provides or plans to provide products or services to customers from different countries must have a Woocommerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher. Integrating a WooCommerce Multi Currency plugin into your store is extremely beneficial. Moreover, it is very straightforward, even for users with minimal coding and WordPress knowledge.

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