WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin

Visually impressing your customers can increase your sales at your online store exponentially, but you must optimize your product pages first. Making it easier for your buyers to find the products of their choice will increase your conversion rates, so you must add products to your pages where all variations are displayed in a user-friendly layout. The latest trend is to add product WooCommerce variation swatches instead of drop-down menus.

What is Variation Swatch in WooCommerce?

A variation swatch allows WooCommerce store owners to transform their product attributes by removing drop-down menus with an efficient and easy-to-use UI. By leveraging product swatches, you can add a unique look to your online store that will help you stand out from other online stores.

Why Should You Use WooCommerce Product Variation Swatches?

Product swatches display products and variations in a way that encourages more sales because customers find it easier to view all variations and visualize how the product will look when they have it in front of them. Swatches are an effective method to boost sales on your WooCommerce-powered online store by adding extra details and variations that can intrigue the visitors to add your products to their shopping carts.

Another reason you should use product swatches is to leverage their ability to distinguish variations by integrating different visual elements that can help the customer customize their product or select a product that matches their inert style and preferences.

Product Variation Swatches Types and When to Use Each of Them

Your store’s variable products may contain different types of variation, so you can configure different WooCommerce variation swatches to improve user engagement in your store.

Color Variation Swatches

If your store sells different shoes, you can use color variation swatches on WooCommerce to display different available colors to make it easier for your customers to select their desired color. By default, WooCommerce features the traditional drop-down menu, but you can use swatches to make the selection process more engaging.

Image Variation Swatches

If your store sells different types of packaging, you can display your products with different images to make them more visually appealing. Instead of the drop-down menu, you can show your customers how your products look and let them select the desired product from the different image-based swatches.

Label Variation Swatches

If you’re an online shoe retailer, you might have numerous articles in different sizes. Ideally, you can represent different sizes as small selectable swatches because a drop-down menu does not show actual sizes. Therefore, you can use label variation swatches to make size availability more attractive and easy to select, even without using pictures to visualize different sizes.

Text Variation Swatches

There is more than one way to display sizes; you can group them by material. If you’re a clothing brand, you might offer the same design in different materials. You can use text variation swatches to display materials as selectable labels. Replacing the drop-down menu with attractive text swatches will list all variations in front of the customer to help them select their desired material by simply clicking the swatch.

Product Variations Tips

Integrating product variations makes it easier for customers to view different products and select the right option that suits them. Here are some tips you can combine with a WooCommerce variation swatches plugin to enhance your sales.

  1. Try to use clear and easy-to-understand labels to differentiate different variations of your products. Most commonly, customers select from a list of options before seeing a photo that depicts the actual photo, so by keeping things clear and accurate, you will improve your overall sales volume.
  2. Include swatches to display variations of different products, as drop-down lists can often make it difficult for shoppers to find what they are looking for. Decision paralysis is real, and it can impact your sales if you fail to integrate WooCommerce variation swatches in your product pages.
  3. Add high-quality, almost realistic images to decrease the decision-making time and let your shoppers make the right decision. Removing misconceptions leads to happy customers and fewer return or exchange requests. Depicting different sizes can help customers find their size for a product they already have but have trouble choosing the right size.

How to Present Product Variations more Appealing With WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin?

You can easily present WooCommerce product variations swatches with Booster, offering an aesthetic and professional experience that allows you to select the attributes for all your product variations. Booster turns product variation drop-down menus into images, colors, and label swatches.

From the Admin Panel, navigate to Products and select Attributes to access the global attributes section. After enabling the Product Variation Swatches plugin, the Booster plugin will enable you to add swatches per your online store’s requirements.


Customers no longer prefer a drop-down selection menu while shopping for their favorite products online. Therefore, WooCommerce stores need to use Product Variation Swatches to make it easier for the shoppers to find their desired product, reduce their decision-making time, and increase conversion rates.

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