WooCommerce is becoming popular for its exquisite themes and variety of plugins that empower and enrich online stores. By leveraging WooCommerce plugins, you can customize your store to stand out in the crowd of online stores. As a standard, there are three tabs on a WooCommerce product page: Description, Reviews, and Additional Information. Adding custom tabs can improve your products’ visibility, resulting in a better conversion rate.

What are WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs?

WooCommerce custom product tabs allow store owners to add further details like documentation, tutorials, and specifications to their product pages. Since the information in the standard tabs may not be enough to improve your conversion rate for specific items, you should include detailed information to boost your shoppers’ understanding of your products.
For example, your online shop might offer bulk purchases, so you should build custom product tabs for WooCommerce to provide the necessary information to make it easier for customers to make the purchasing decision.

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Features

Having the right WooCommerce custom tabs on the product page is essential, so you should install the Booster Custom Product Tabs plugin to your WooCommerce store without writing or editing code on your website. Here are some interesting features that you help improve your business:

  • Adding custom tabs for every product listed on your store.
  • Customizing product pages as required.
  • Enabling or disabling product tabs for certain products and categories.
  • Modifying the default WooCommerce product tabs by reordering, renaming, and removing them as required.

How to Add Custom Tab to a WooCommerce Product Page

You can easily add custom tabs to WooCommerce product pages through the plugin by following these steps:

  1. Start by finding the Booster.io plugin from the plugins section on your WordPress website. After completing the installation, click the Activate button to add the plugin to your store.
  2. Now, navigate to WooCommerce, select Settings, scroll down to Booster, select Products and then Product Tabs to add custom tabs to your product pages.
  3. Next, you need to enable the Products Tab module and check the Custom product Tabs – All Products option to add custom tabs to every product listed on your WooCommerce store.
  4. Type the number of tabs you want to have on your product page, and set the Title product tab. You can also add the necessary information you want to display through the Context text field.
  5. Select the categories or products you want to show or hide additional product tabs. You can also enable the Visual Editor to create unique and engaging content for your product tabs.

Why do you need Custom Product Tabs in WooCommerce?

WooCommece store owners rely on custom product tabs to optimize their webpage and increase sales or conversions. Here are some additional benefits of using custom tabs:

Reducing Clutter on the Product Pages

If you add a custom tab in WooCommerce to your product page, it will have a tidy classification and elaboration of your product. Removing unnecessary clutter from your products will improve the speed of your page, making the information more readable and visually appealing. Some customers like specific information properly classified into different product tabs and provide valuable information to the user.

Showing More Product Details

WooCommerce custom tabs on product pages make adding additional information that complements your products easier. By linking tutorial videos on your product pages, you can engage customers and allow them to learn how to use your product. You can include instructions, user guides, and troubleshooting guides to provide customers with everything they need to use your product to the maximum.

Offering Easy Navigation

If you follow the standard layout, there is only one description tab that will include all information related to your product. Even when everything is there, users may find it difficult to find the information they are looking for. Custom product tabs on WooCommerce make it easier for users to find the desired information. You can classify the information into different tabs to display specific information for your readers.

Removing the Need to Scroll the Entire Page

A single description tab contains everything you want your customer to know about your product, which can be extensive and require your user to scroll and find their desired information. With custom tabs, you can remove the need to scroll by classifying the information for every aspect of your product in multiple custom tabs. You can also speed up the conversion time by making it easier for the customer to decide how your product meets their requirements.


Various WooCommerce plugins allow online businesses to differentiate themselves and attract more customers by displaying how their product meets their requirements better. Custom product tabs for WooCommerce plugin help online stores classify their information into different tabs to display precise information that solves their customers’ problems without scrolling through one tab. Apart from page loading speeds, you will also reduce the time a customer takes to make the buying decision.

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