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Price is one of the biggest factors that impact the sales of every business. Online stores use custom prices to sell different quantities of their products to different buyers and businesses alike. However, you can use WooCommerce custom price labels for different types of customers and businesses to increase sales volume.

What is WooCommerce Custom Price Label?

All products posted on a WooCommerce store contain price labels, but you can have an interactive label that intrigues the shopper into buying your products. Let’s say you’re running a price promotion on your WooCommerce store, you can add custom prices in WooCommerce to display a better offer to your customers.
Store owners can display a note or extra text near their product price using HTML-based plugins, which allows them to add text instead of, before the price, after the price, or even between regular and sale prices.

Visibility Options with Custom Price Labels

WooCommerce Custom Price Labels assist in increasing the visibility of your products through the following options:

  1. Hide on
    The hide-on option lets you hide the global price labels on selected products. However, you can leave it empty to show custom labels on different store pages, like archives, single product pages, or the homepage.
  2. Show on
    The show-on option lets you display global price labels for all selected products. However, you can leave it empty to show custom labels on different store pages, like the cart page, related product page, or single product page.
  3. User roles to hide
    The user roles to hide option lets you hide global price labels for selected users. However, you can leave it empty to show custom labels to everyone on your site.
  4. User roles to show
    The user roles to show option lets you show global price labels to select users. However, you can leave it empty to show custom labels to everyone on your site.

Why Should You Use WooCommerce Custom Price Labels?

WooCommerce custom price labels add customization to your product price label that can be adjusted to attract specific people to purchase your products. You should use custom price labels to display additional information like free shipping or special discount offers.
If your store offers bulk discounts, you can use the WooCommerce custom price field to display offers that attract people looking for a bulk deal. Therefore, custom price labels help your WooCommerce store stand out among others in terms of prices and offers.

How to Change WooCommerce Custom Price Labels and Which Benefits are There?

To leverage custom price labels to attract shoppers to your store, you must install and enable Booster for WooCommerce. Once the installation is complete, click on the activate button from your WP Admin portal to start using Booster.
Here is how you can change custom price labels for WooCommerce:

  • Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and select WooCommerce from the left side corner. Select Booster from the Settings tab and go to the Button & Price Labels option.
  • Check the Enable Module and Per Product box from the Custom Price Labels Module Options page to start using the Booster plugin. Click Save changes and head to your product page.
  • Click the Edit button on the product that requires WooCommerce Custom Price Labels.
  • Scroll down to the Booster: Product input field to change custom price labels.

The Booster Plugin gives four options when it comes to custom labels:

  1. Instead of the real product price
    Example: You can display the discounted price as a custom label.
  2. Before the product price
    Example: You can attract the customer by showing your price as the lowest by adding “Only” in front of your product price.
  3. After the product price
    Example: You can attract shoppers by adding “Including tax” or “Free Shipping” labels.
  4. Between regular and sale prices
    Example: You can make your sale price stand out by crossing out the regular price and adding a custom label like “ Now Only”.

Booster lets you add custom price labels for WooCommerce products across your online store, giving you the option to hide or show custom text near or on the standard price location. You can display custom labels on every product on your homepage or product categories as the main price or variation price.

Custom price labels are extremely beneficial for store owners as they help them increase their sales volume by offering competitive prices to their shoppers. By leveraging different custom label placement options, you can make your product seem like the best deal for the right customer. Therefore, custom price labels for WooCommerce improve conversion rates and reduce decision-making by displaying the right price at the right time.


Custom price labels make it easier for WooCommerce stores to display their special offers and attract customers to boost their sales. You can add custom labels globally or per product to create specialized offers for different categories. Using custom price labels for WooCommerce makes it easier for shoppers to find the best deal on your online store.

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