Streamline Your Store's Orders with WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature

Woocommerce is a popular e-commerce platform for building online stores using WordPress. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing products, orders, payments, shipping, and more. With its ease of use and flexibility, it has become a go-to solution for many entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to sell products online.

Order numbers are an essential aspect of store management, as they provide a unique identifier for each order and enable easy tracking and management of orders. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, having a system for managing orders efficiently is critical for success.

The WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature is a plugin that streamlines the order numbering process for WooCommerce stores. This feature allows store owners to create custom order numbers for WooCommerce generated by the platform, making it easier to keep track of orders, manage inventory, and provide an overall better customer experience. With the ability to choose between sequential order numbering, Order ID, or a pseudorandom format, store owners can select the best option for their business needs. Additionally, the feature provides the ability to set custom prefixes and suffixes, add date prefixes and suffixes, set order number width, and more.

How Are WooCommerce Order Numbers Generated? 

Default WooCommerce Order Numbering System

WooCommerce, by default, assigns a unique, auto-incremented post ID to every item in the database, including orders, posts, images, and pages. This means that the order numbers generated by WooCommerce are not sequential by default.

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers

Sequential order numbers are a continuous sequence of numbers, assigned to orders in a consecutive manner. This type of order numbering system is beneficial for store management and order tracking as it makes it easy to identify and locate orders. With sequential order numbers, store owners can also quickly estimate the number of orders for the day.

WooCommerce Custom Order Numbers

The WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature allows store owners to customize their order numbers in a sequential, Order ID, or pseudorandom format. This plugin provides the option to set a custom prefix and suffix for order numbers, add the order date as a prefix/suffix to order numbers, set the order number width, and enable or disable MySQL transactions. The plugin also enables order tracking and searching by custom numbers and allows for the editing of order number meta boxes. With this plugin, store owners can make their WooCommerce Order Numbering system more organized and efficient.

The WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature

Benefits of using the Edit Order Numbers Feature

The WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature is a powerful tool that can greatly improve the organization and management of your store’s orders. This feature provides store owners with the ability to customize their order numbers in a way that makes sense for their business, which can improve the speed and accuracy of order tracking and management. Some of the benefits of using the WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature include:

  • Improved order tracking and management: By customizing your order numbers in a sequential format, you can easily keep track of your store’s orders and manage them more efficiently.
  • Better organization: Custom order numbers allow you to categorize your orders in a way that makes sense for your business. This can help you better understand your sales trends and improve your inventory management.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: With accurate order tracking, you can provide your customers with better and more efficient customer service.

How to use the Edit Order Numbers Feature

To use the WooCommerce Order Numbers feature, you need to have the Booster Plugin installed on your WooCommerce store.

Once the Booster Plugin is installed, navigate to the WooCommerce settings in the WordPress admin dashboard. From there, go to the Booster tab, and find the Order Numbers module. Enable the module, and save the changes.

Choose the method for generating order numbers from the “Number Generation” option. You can choose between Sequential, Order ID, or Pseudorandom (hash).

Customize your order numbers by adding a custom prefix, date prefix, width, and custom suffix. You can also set the next order number and enable or disable MySQL transactions.

Save your changes, and your order numbers will be generated according to your specified settings.

Use Cases for the Edit Order Numbers Feature

  • Correcting Mistaken or Out-of-Sequence Order Numbers: If you have orders that were mistakenly assigned incorrect order numbers or if your order numbers are out of sequence, you can use the WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature to correct them. Simply change the order numbers to the correct values, and your orders will be properly organized.
  • Assigning Custom Order Numbers to Specific Orders: You can use the WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature to assign custom order numbers to specific orders. This can be useful for creating special order numbers for VIP customers or for orders that require special attention. By assigning custom order numbers, you can easily track and manage these orders and provide better customer service.
  • Streamlining Order Management and Fulfillment: Custom order numbers can help store owners streamline their order management and fulfillment processes by making it easier to identify and track specific orders.
  • Improving Customer Experience: Custom order numbers can also help improve customer experience by providing them with unique and memorable order numbers that they can use to track the status of their orders.
  • Enhancing Brand Identity: Custom order numbers can also play a role in enhancing brand identity by allowing store owners to use custom prefixes and suffixes that reflect their brand name or logo.
  • Integrating with Other Systems: Custom order numbers can also be useful for integrating with other systems such as accounting software, order management software, or shipping carriers. This allows store owners to streamline their operations and avoid manual data entry errors.
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements: Some industries and regions may have specific regulations and requirements regarding order numbering. The WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers feature can help store owners comply with these requirements by allowing them to customize their order numbers to meet the necessary standards.


In conclusion, the WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature is a valuable tool for store owners to effectively manage their order numbering system. With the ability to switch between sequential order numbering and custom order numbering, store owners can make sure their order numbers are meaningful and easy to track. This feature also allows store owners to make corrections to order numbers, making it an essential tool for a well-organized and efficient store. By using the WooCommerce Edit Order Numbers Feature, store owners can ensure their order numbers are accurate and up-to-date, making order tracking and management a breeze.

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