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The issue of abandoned carts is common across all e-commerce platforms. Every cart that a shopper leaves before completing his order is a potential income that could have been earned. A WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin provides an opportunity to retain a potentially lost sale by reaching out to customers with abandoned carts.

There is no feature in WooCommerce that allows you to contact customers and remind them about the abandoned shopping cart by default. An additional plugin must be incorporated into your WooCommerce to carry out the aforementioned task. Here, the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the best abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce have been discussed in detail.

Why is Recovering Abandoned Carts Important? 

For many reasons, customers can abandon a shopping cart before completing an order. It is possible that they no longer want to buy anything, or they might have been distracted and forgot about it. Most of the time, the reasons for cart abandonment are that the buyers might be waiting for the prices to lower or have doubts about shipping costs or hidden charges. It could be that they had to attend to some urgent work or simply forgot to complete the checking out process.

If a system in place can alert a customer about an abandoned cart, it can increase the chances of that abandoned cart becoming actual income. Discounts and incentives are the most efficient way for customer retention. Discount coupons or sale incentives can recover a customer who abandoned a cart. The importance of recovering an abandoned cart can be understood from the following benefits:

  • The conversion rates are increased.
  • The Profits and sales are maximized.
  • Customers become loyal to the brand.
  • Customer satisfaction is improved.

How to Recover the Cart with the Help of the Abandoned Cart Plugin? 

The WooCommerce platform does not offer a straightforward built-in attribute dedicated to abandoned cart recovery. Instead, a plugin has to be integrated into one’s WooCommerce store. The plugin must perform the following functions:

  • Gather information about abandoned shopping carts.
  • Compile an email and forward it to the clients from a specified email address.

Booster Cart Abandonment is best abandoned cart plugin available. Working of the Booster Cart Abandonment plugin can be understood from the given steps:

  • The e-commerce store owner can specify the sender’s email address and name. Emails with proper names help the target audience to know why and where the email is coming from. A sense of trust is developed with the customers.
  • You can provide different templates of emails to be sent out at different times. There is no limit on the number of templates.
  • Four parts can be added to an email template:
    • Subject
    • Body
    • Time schedule
    • Discounts (if any)
  • The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment provides a report of the abandoned cart recovery process. It shows the recoverable orders, recovered orders, recovered revenue, lost orders, and the recovery rate. 
  • The access to the settings and reports of cart abandonment must be scoped. Not all the personnel working in your WooCommerce business should have access to this information.
  • Lastly, the abandoned cart emails are sent out as per specified instructions.

Strategies for WooCommerce abandoned carts emails 

Certain best practices must be implemented when crafting a WooCommerce abandoned cart email. These best practices will ensure that customers read the abandoned cart email and understand what they are missing out on. 


The first thing that customers will notice in an email is the ‘subject’. An attractive subject line decides whether the customer will bother to open the email or would they just swipe the email off from the notifications right away. 

Once the customer decides to open the email, if the content is general in nature, they are more likely to ignore it and move on. Personalized emails make customers feel special and propel them to continue purchasing.

Visual reminder

Another important aspect to remember is featuring a snapshot of the cart that the user abandoned. Visual reminders are simple yet more effective than textual reminders. Establishing trust and credibility requires incorporating social proof about your brand in the email. 

This can be done by incorporating customer reviews in the email. The best selling points of the products abandoned by the customer should be mentioned in the abandoned carts email. This may reignite customers’ interest in the product and increase the chances of a sale.

Appropriate CTA 

A direct call to action (CTA) must be incorporated, inviting the customer to continue toward the abandoned cart. A well-crafted CTA could pull in buyers even if they were not intrigued by the email.

The timing of sending out WooCommerce abandoned cart emails is very important. Customers may find an abandoned cart email sent too quickly or repeated reminders very irritating. This can cause a very hefty potential loss to your sales and reputation. 

The first email can be sent within an hour of cart abandonment. Before sending out the second email, it is good practice to wait for 24 hours. Similarly, a 24 to 48 hours gap should be created before sending out a third email. 


An abandoned cart is a worrisome issue for every e-commerce store owner. Although it cannot be fully eliminated, certain tactics can help recover a potential sale. Sending abandoned cart emails has been one of the highly effective methods in recovering an abandoned cart. Booster Cart Abandonment plugin is one of the best abandoned cart plugins for WooCommerce available in the market. 

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