This plugin is amazing! Forget for a moment about all these mini-plugins inside the plugin itself which are absolutely fantastic, but with these booster shortcodes you can seriously build unlimited scenarios which fits any type of business.

These shortcodes can be implemented within the mini-plugins and basically everywhere within the website. This is what makes Booster for Woocommerce insane useful!
We are a wholesale company and default woocommerce functions are very limited for us, with booster we were able to achive our goals.

Last but not least: before finding out about “booster” we had something like 45 plugins in our website, making it slow even though it was very well optimized. With booster we do have just 21. Exactly, we deleted 50% of our plugins since booster can handle their functionality.

Accessible through:
    Tested on WooCommerce 5.1.0 and WordPress 5.7