WooCommerce Offer Your Price


WooCommerce Offer Your Price module allows your customers to suggest their price for products by adding a form to product pages.

Frontend View

Offer Your Product Price1

Offer Your Price – General Options

This section allows you to choose what products have the “Offer Your Price” form on their pages.

Offer Your Product Price2

Choose what products have the “Offer Your Price” form. Possible values: Enable for all products; Enable for all products with empty price; Enable per product; Enable per product category.
Default: Enable for all products
Product categories
Add product categories where “Offer Your Price” form should be shown. Ignored if “Enable per product category” option is not selected above.
Default: None

Offer Your Price – Button Options

Offer Your Product Price3

Set button that opens the form label.
Default: Make an offer
CSS Class
Set button CSS class.
Default: button
CSS Style
Set button CSS style. E.g.: background-color: #333333; border-color: #333333; color: #ffffff;
Default: None
Position On Single Product Page
Choose button position on Single Product page. Possible values: Do not add; Before single product; Before single product summary; Inside single product summary; Before add to cart form; After add to cart form; After single product summary; After single product.
Default: Inside single product summary
Position Priority (i.e. Order)
Set button priority on Single Product page.
Default: 31
Position On Archive Pages
Choose button position on Archive pages. Possible values: Do not add; Before product; After product.
Default: Do not add
Position Priority (i.e. Order)
Set button priority on Archive pages.
Default: 10
Advanced: Custom Position(s)
Add custom hook. If adding more than one hook, separate with vertical bar ( | ). Ignored if empty.
Default: None
Custom Position Priority (i.e. Order)
Add custom hook priority. If adding more than one hook, separate with vertical bar ( | ).
Default: None

Offer Your Price – Form and Notice Options

Offer Your Product Price4

Price Input
Set price input field label. Replaced value: %currency_symbol%
Default: Your price (%currency_symbol%)
Price Step
Set the number of decimals.
Default: 2
Minimal Price
Set the lowest price.
Default: 0
Maximal Price
Set the highest price. Set zero to disable.
Default: 0
Default Price
Set default price. Set zero to disable.
Default: 0
Customer Email
Set email input field label.
Default: Your email
Customer Name
Set customer name input field label.
Default: Your name
Customer Message
Set customer message input field label.
Default: Your message
Send a Copy to Customer Checkbox
Set “Send a copy to your email” option label.
Default: Send a copy to your email
Form Header
Set the form title (header) label. Replaced value: %product_title%
Default: Suggest your price for %product_title%
Form Button Label
Set the “Send” button label.
Default: Send
Form Footer
Set the form footer text.
Default: None
Required HTML
Set “Required” message HTML.
Customer Notice
Set the customer notice text.
Default: Your price offer has been sent.

Offer Your Price – Styling Options

Offer Your Product Price5

Form Width
Set the form width.
Default: 80%
Header Background Color
Set the form header background color.
Default: #5cb85c
Header Text Color
Set the form header text color.
Default: #ffffff
Footer Background Color
Set the form footer background color.
Default: #5cb85c
Footer Text Color
Set the form footer text color.
Default: #ffffff

Offer Your Price – Email Options

Offer Your Product Price6

Email Recipient
Add email recipients. Can be comma separated list. Use %admin_email% to send to administrator email. Replaced values: %admin_email%%product_author_email%
Default: %admin_email%
Email Subject
Set email subject.
Default: Price Offer
Email Template
Change email contents (template). Replaced values: %product_title%%offered_price%%customer_name%%customer_email%%customer_message%
Default: <__alg_replace_pre__>Product: %product_title%
Offered price: %offered_price%
From: %customer_name% %customer_email%
Message: %customer_message%
Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Prices & Currencies > Offer Your Price for WooCommerce
Tested on WooCommerce 9.0.0 and WordPress 6.5.4