Debug Tools

Overview #

The Debug Tools Plugin for Booster & WooCommerce will allow you to track errors and debug your website/shop efficiently. Using it, store owners can save Booster logs as well as WooCommerce logs related to their store for better problem-monitoring.

You can also enable the debugging for your store using this plugin, which implies the warning, alerts, and errors in WP will be displayed on your website even when it is live. Entering the debugging mode can help you troubleshoot the issue faster.

How to Enable Booster and WooCommerce Debug Tools? #

Note: Following the below-listed steps requires that you have the Booster for WooCommerce Plugin installed and activated on your store.

  • Go to Booster > Plugins > EMAIL & MISC.
  • Select Enable for the Debug Tools
  • Click on the Save Changes

Debug Tools Options #

This section comprises the options for enabling various log-creation options alongside the option to enable debug mode for your WooCommerce store. It also contains the system information to help you troubleshoot, recover, or improve your online store.

Booster Log #

The Booster log will track and enlist the records related to errors that occurred due to any feature associated with a Booster Plugin. To save this data continually for reviewing it, later on, do the following:

  • Select the Enable checkbox for the option Log if you want to enable saving Booster log.

  • Make sure to click on the Save Changes button after the previous step. It will activate a link for the “Log” tool in the Tools > Module Tools.

  • Click on the Log link in the Tools section > Module Tools
  • To clear the booster log when required, click Delete Log.

Once enabled, you can always view Booster logs by opening the Logs tool from the Tools section, present on the plugin settings page.

WooCommerce Log #

Select Enable for the WooCommerce Log option if you want to start logging the WooCommerce error notifications through the Debug Tools plugin.

Debug #

Select Enable for the Debug option to enable debugging in WordPress/WooCommerce.

By default, WordPress, as well as WooCommerce, suppresses warnings or errors that are not fatal. Or, it shows a white page (or a page with the error details) when the fatal error finally occurs.

Enabling the Debug mode for your store/site will display warnings, notifications, errors, etc. it will not only prevent you from breaking things by skipping to follow non-essential but important PHP validations or conventions.

With the Debug mode enabled, it will be easier to find problems on your website and make your site/shop more stable.

System Info #

The Debug Tools plugin displays the System Info of your website in the Debug Tools Options section.

Click on the Show Extended Info link to see full data related to your system (store/site).

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