Shortcodes Feature

Shortcodes are little pieces of code that execute certain activities on your website. This code has an effect when it is added to a WooCommerce page, post, or widget area. Depending on the shortcode, different things can happen. Some of them will open a post, while others will show a contact form. 

In the case of WooCommerce shortcodes, you can add various valuable WooCommerce-related features to sidebars, web pages, and other areas like widgets. Besides, you don’t have to be a programmer to use these codes. You only need to copy and paste one or two lines of text.

With WooCommerce code snippets, you can show information from your online store in inventive and fun ways. You have control over the products that are featured, how they are arranged, and how many are displayed on each page. 

Additionally, you can place Add to Cart buttons at strategic locations, like at the end of your product entries. WooCommerce already includes shortcodes; you can add more by installing the WooCommerce Shortcodes Plugin. They help you rank your best-selling products on your homepage and display related products whenever a customer shows interest in specific products on your page.


Display WooCommerce order total items weight


Display current WooCommerce product ID


Display WooCommerce order total tax after refund


Display WooCommerce order total after refund


Display WooCommerce order refunds


Display WooCommerce order used coupons


Display current date and time


Display current time


Display current timestamp


Display WooCommerce order customer user ID


Display WooCommerce order customer user roles


Display WooCommerce product author link to all author's posts

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular WooCommerce shortcodes?

The most popular WooCommerce shortcodes include product shortcodes, order shortcodes, and checkout shortcodes. Examples of the most valuable shortcodes include [woocommerce_cart], [woocommerce_checkout], [woocommerce_my_account], [woocommerce_order_tracking], [products], [products limit=”3”], [products category=”shoes, hats”], [products tag=”blue, summer”], and [products order=”ASC”].

Are there any limitations to using WooCommerce shortcodes?

Though WooCommerce shortcodes offer various features, adding too many shortcodes may reduce the speed of your site. You need to perform extra actions to sync or remove out-of-date snippets because the original post\'s content might be modified or deleted.