Booster For WooCommerce Features 

Setting up and running a WooCommerce store successfully takes a lot of work and commitment, hence why having the right set of WooCommerce plugins is important. 

However, finding the best WooCommerce plugins for your business can be a lot of work. This is why you need the Booster WooCommerce plugin. 

Booster is a WooCommerce plugin that comes with lots of modules designed to make running and managing a WooCommerce store a seamless experience. 

How does Booster work? 

Booster works like every other plugin. To use it, you have to download, install, and activate it on your website. After installation and activation, all you have to do is activate the feature/module you wish to use. 

If you want, you can activate all the plugin modules. This option is only available if you are using the premium version of Booster. 

Let’s now go over some Booster features.

WooCommerce Shipping Methods by Min Max Order Quantity

Shipping Methods by Min/Max Order Quantity for WooCommerce

Set minimum and/or maximum order quantity for WooCommerce shipping methods to show up
Debug tools

Booster Debug Tools for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce debug and log tools
WooCommerce Shipping Methods by Current Date Time

Shipping Methods by Current Date/Time for WooCommerce

Set date and/or time to include/exclude for WooCommerce shipping methods to show up
WooCommerce Booster Custom PHP

Booster Custom PHP for WooCommerce

Booster custom PHP for WooCommerce
WooCommerce Template Editor

Template Editor for WooCommerce

Template editor for WooCommerce

Checkout Fees for WooCommerce

Add fees to WooCommerce cart & checkout
WooCommerce Shipping Methods by Cities

Shipping Methods by City or Postcode for WooCommerce

Set cities to include/exclude for WooCommerce shipping methods to show up
WooCommerce Product MSRP

Product MSRP for WooCommerce

Save and display product MSRP in WooCommerce
WooCommerce Coupon by User Role

Coupon by User Role for WooCommerce

Coupons by user roles for WooCommerce
WooCommerce Upsells

Upsells for WooCommerce

Customize WooCommerce upsells products display

Cross-sells for WooCommerce

Customize WooCommerce cross-sells products display
WooCommerce Maximum Products per User

Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce

Limit number of items your WooCommerce customers (logged) can buy

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Booster for WooCommerce Work?

Booster for WooCommerce works in the same way as every other plugin for WordPress. Just download, install, and activate it on your website and you are all set.


Does Booster have free WooCommerce plugins?

Booster is a premium plugin for WooCommerce. However, you can start using it for free, only that you won’t have access to certain features on the free plan.