product listings

WooCommerce Product Listings

Change WooCommerce display options for shop and category pages: show/hide categories count, exclude categories, show/hide empty categories

WooCommerce Booster General Tools

Custom roles tool. Shortcodes in WordPress text widgets
payment gateways

WooCommerce Custom Payment Gateways

Add multiple custom payment gateways to your WooCommerce store
product info

WooCommerce Product Info

Add even more product info to WooCommerce categories and single product pages
checkout core fields

WooCommerce Checkout Core Fields

Customize WooCommerce core checkout fields. Disable/enable fields, set required, change labels and/or placeholders

WooCommerce Custom Shipping

Add multiple custom shipping methods to WooCommerce
cart icon

WooCommerce Cart Custom Info

Add custom info to WooCommerce cart page
emails icon

WooCommerce Custom Emails

Add custom emails to WooCommerce

WooCommerce Orders

WooCommerce orders auto-complete; custom admin order list columns; admin order currency
Add to Cart Labels

WooCommerce Add to Cart Labels

Change text for Add to Cart button by WooCommerce product type, by product category or for individual products
Remove Old Products Slugs

WooCommerce Remove Old Products Slugs

Remove old slugs for WooCommerce products
more sorting options

WooCommerce Sorting

Add more WooCommerce sorting options or remove all sorting including default
all currencies

WooCommerce All Currencies

Add all world currencies to your WooCommerce store; change currency symbol
call for price

WooCommerce Call for Price

Create any custom price label for all WooCommerce products with empty price
custom price labels

WooCommerce Custom Price Labels

Create any custom price label for any WooCommerce product