Cart & Checkout Feature

With the WooCommerce Cart & Checkout feature, you can:
  • Add fees like handling and processing to the WooCommerce cart and checkout.
  • Add and customize the WooCommerce mini cart widget to allow customers a quick summary of their order.
  • Easily generate bulk coupons or create individual URL coupons that give your customers a discount when using the URL.
Checkout Custom Field

WooCommerce Checkout Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your WooCommerce checkout page

WooCommerce Checkout Custom Info

Add custom info to the WooCommerce checkout page
mini cart icon

WooCommerce Mini Cart

Customize the WooCommerce mini cart widget
checkout core fields

WooCommerce Checkout Core Fields

Customize WooCommerce core checkout fields. Disable/enable fields, set required, change labels and/or placeholders
cart icon

WooCommerce Cart Custom Info

Add custom info to WooCommerce cart page